Advanced Concepts Unit 6 New Technology and Innovative Sustainability Approaches

Essential Question

What new technologies are being developed to address sustainability issues and why is important that consumers embrace demand for them?

The Big Idea

Technological innovation is a vital part of sustainability. While no single technology is a “silver bullet” that will transform the way humans live on the planet, a range of innovations in design, energy, transportation, water use, and buildings are making significant improvements. It will take the positive actions of all people, creatively using appropriate technology over an extended period, to achieve sustainable societies. Many sustainable technological solutions are available now, but resistance to change short-sighted approaches to problem-solving often stand in the way. Looking at technology from within an integrated sustainability framework allows innovations to have long-lasting impact.

Topics covered:

  • Nature as a role model – biomimicry 
  • The future of energy 
  • Sustainable transportation 
  • Innovations in water Systems 
  • Green building 
  • Green jobs and the green economy

This course is approved for 1.5 GBCI CE Hours for LEED Credential Maintenance. 

Please note: This course is part of the 7.5 hour course Advanced Concepts in Sustainability (aka the Fellow Certificate).