Advanced Concepts Unit 3 Sustainable Development The Social Challenges

Essential Question

How does society and governance contribute to sustainability and what are the essential elements of quality of life for people?

The Big Idea

Moving from the environmental perspective, the second pillar of sustainability is social equity: sharing the benefits of economic growth within and between nations and providing opportunities for all people to live productive lives. This goal is equivalent to sustainable development, which aims to meet humanity’s present needs while not jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Severe global inequities in income, education, and access to healthcare and resources are primary challenges that we must overcome in order to create a sustainable world. Additionally, inequality needs to be understood in the context of overall global population and economic growth. Finally, the challenge of sustainable development is not solely the role of governments, but rather the responsibility of all global citizens.

Topics Covered:

  • What is sustainable development? 
  • Global inequities in all dimensions of sustainability 
  • Population growth, energy use, and sustainable development 
  • Health and sustainability 
  • Sustainability, society, and social change

Please note: This course is part of the 7.5 hour course Advanced Concepts in Sustainability (aka the Fellow Certificate).