Sustainability Specialist Certificate - K-12 Sustainability Education Strategies

Course Description This specialty certificate includes a special emphasis on teaching methods and curriculum integration is included for educators looking to enhance their teaching of sustainability concepts, to broaden their application of STEM skills in the classroom, and/or to implement water systems-focused change in their schools. In addition to the three, 1.5 hour courses from the Professional Certificate, the Educator specialty consists of five units designed specifically for K-12 educators and administrators interested in integrating sustainability education into their classrooms and schools. The course package is designed as an add-on to the Institute’s foundation course, Sustainability Concepts. However, teachers with a prior knowledge of sustainability topics may enroll independent of the foundation course. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Implement the integrative practice of sustainability education  Understand the role of systems thinking in sustainability education  Discuss national and international support for sustainability education  Examine Sustainable schools and green campus initiatives  Identify key national sustainability education standards  Develop an outline for a K-12 Science Framework  Complete an Ed Steps Global Competence Matrix  Developing a sustainability education unit  Develop a school-wide sustainability initiative  Describe the importance of school climate and citizenship