Sustainability Specialist Certificate - Water

Course Description In addition to the three, 1.5 hour courses from the Professional Certificate, this specialty certificate provides a comprehensive treatment of the environmental, economic, and social concerns associated with the increasing global and national water availability crisis. Through this combination of online courses participants examine key water systems issues that represent a critical challenge to long-term sustainability, including water pollution, the depletion of major aquifers, and the deterioration in continental watersheds. Participants also explore water conservation policies, strategies, and technologies. The course is appropriate for newcomers, as well as those who have familiarity and wish a greater breadth and depth of understanding of key water challenges and opportunities. The course provides a wide variety of opportunities to apply the content in authentic and meaningful ways, whether it be on the personal, professional, or community level. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Examine the major concerns related to global water availability, including the environmental, economic, and social aspects.  Describe the water cycle and the ways in which humans impact this cycle.  Identify the major sources of fresh water and the ecological systems that rely on them.  Explore contemporary patterns of water consumption, including water use by sector.  Differentiate between water “overuse” and “waste.”  Examine water treatment and distribution systems.  Discuss opportunities for water conservation, including policies, strategies, and technologies. Design a plan to address a water systems problem in the home, school, workplace, or community.