Core Concepts Unit 2 Primary Sustainability Issues Energy, Food, Water, and Pollution

Essential Question

What are the primary ways in which impact measurements are useful tools and what are the long-term effects of human ecological footprints?

The Big Idea

Several sustainability issues stand out for their vital importance to humanity: energy, food, water, and toxic pollution. A great deal of the day-to-day work of sustainability is focusing on making these focus areas work better for people and fit into the ecological systems of the planet. Transforming them is presenting enormous challenges, but people around the world are becoming increasingly engaged with this important task.

This unit covers the following topics:

  • The Central Role of Energy 
  • Sustainable Agriculture 
  • Sustainable Water Systems 
  • Industrial Pollution and Toxins

This course is approved for 1.5 GBCI CE Hours for LEED Credential Maintenance. 

Please note: This course is part of the 4.5 hour course Core Concepts in Sustainability (aka the Professional Certificate).