Advanced Concepts Unit 1 The Global Ecosystem

Essential Question

How are the Earth’s systems connected and why is it important to understand the concept of interdependency?

The Big Idea

Creating a sustainable society and economy means understanding how human civilization is embedded within, and dependent upon, the natural environment. The science of ecology teaches us to look at connections—between parts of the Earth as well as between the Earth and human civilization. Ecology and sustainability are integrating frameworks that tie together ideas, such as the environment, energy use, and economics, that are often considered in isolation. In this unit, we will investigate natural systems, how they support human activities, and how sustainability teaches us to see parts in terms of their connection to whole systems.

Topics Covered:

  • Our Planet in Context 
  • The Earth as a System: Biogeochemical Cycles
  • The Importance of Ecosystems 
  • Sustainability as an Integrating Concept: STEM Application

Please note: This course is part of the 7.5 hour course Advanced Concepts in Sustainability (aka the Fellow Certificate).